No other software has had a bigger influence on software synthesis than Max Mathew’s ‘MUSIC’ line of software.

MUSIC introduced the concept of unit generators: a simple block that does some simple audio processing task that can then be connected, output of one, to input(s) of the next, forming an arbitrarily complex signal processing graph.

The original MUSIC was developed in 1957 on an IBM-704 and went through multiple revisions over the years, with contributions from the likes of Barry Vercoe (CSound creator) and IRCAM.

It’s legacy is still widespread today with both the unit-generator approach in general across many-a-synth plugin, to generic modular synthesis packages like Max/MSP, Supercollider and Native Instrument’s Reaktor. These in particular have a direct lineage back to the original MUSIC incarnation way back in 1957.

Aleph continues in this heritage, as nothing else offers such flexibility combined with ease of editing in realtime as the unit generator approach.

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